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A Place to Land

Fly Away Films' debut short film, available on DVD now, follows the stories of homeless parrots in captivity across the nation, from foster homes in Northern Virginia to remote sanctuaries in Arizona and Utah.
Exotic parrots are wild creatures at heart. When forced to live in cages as pets, they are prone to neurotic behaviors and often end up being treated poorly or abandoned when people don't understand the special care they need. Because parrots can live so long -- usually from 30 to 80 years -- the birds often outlive their owners and have nowhere to go. Fortunately, non-profit organizations and dedicated parrot lovers are doing everything they can to protect and rehabilitate these special birds.
Fly with us as we delve into a world where feather plucking is an all-too-common occurrence and where freedom is never taken for granted. Ultimately, this parrot documentary enlightens and educates audiences on the melancholy plight of these intelligent, beautiful creatures -- and shows that they deserve the best care our nation can give them.
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A Place to Land Trailer
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