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A Place to Land, the definitive parrot film, is now available on DVD and Amazon Instant Video! Purchase it at the following links...

The Fly Away Films eStore ($14.99)
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Special features include production stills, the official trailer, and a question and answer session with the producer and cinematographer. We'd love to hear your feedback, so please feel free to leave us a review on Amazon. Thank you for your support and enjoy the film!

Praise for A Place to Land
"I think that a screening of A Place to Land would be a great event for bird clubs and avian welfare organizations to have with members. It could open up a lot of discussion ... It’s long enough to touch on some interesting topics, but definitely short enough not to tax anyone’s attention or create undue burden on workshop organizers."
-- Best in Flock parrot blog (read the full review)

"Thank you so much for producing this amazing video.  Those of us who rescue birds applaud your efforts."
-- Jennifer Dermer, World Parrot Mission
"This educational film portrays the truth about parrots and their plight in captivity.  It corrects the lies, deceit and misconceptions that come out of the parrot trade -- this means, pet shops, dealers, breeders and almost everyone with a financial interest in selling parrots as the proverbial 'pet,' which is one of the biggest misconceptions within the parrot fraternity. We promise that you will be all the wiser for watching it."
-- New Life Parrot Rescue
"Lauren has put her finger on the key to the problem of captive parrots.  They endear us to them but do not complete their destiny in our world."
-- Anonymous online comment, Indie-Fest
"This is a beautiful film and important on so many levels. It should be shown to anyone considering acquiring a first parrot as a companion. Or debating about whether or not to buy a bird or adopt."
-- Parrot forum post, Chicago
"Awesome. Sad. True. Heartwrenching. Thoughtul. Inspiring. I too believe that anyone wishing to own a bird should watch this film."
-- Parrot forum post, Arizona
"I loved the film and cried through it as it touched my heart with the compassion and truths that the people that were interviewed owned as their reality living with parrots."
-- Suzanne Cordrey, former Parrot Garden Manager at Best Friends Sanctuary (and one of the film's subjects)
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